Caledonia by Sherry V. Ostroff

5 Stars

Magnificent read

Ostroff pens a magnificent story in Caledonia. The story intrigued me when I was asked to read it, but I really enjoyed it. I anxiously awaited the paperback to arrive at my door, and then I stopped and read it. Almost cover to cover. The lives of Hanna and Anna, so similar and related, though they are about 300 hundred years apart. The author tells both women's stories, and each one is easy to follow and to understand, whose story is whose. I've read Ostroff's work before, and found this to be one of my favorites. I like Ostroff's storytelling abilities, as she's telling more than one, cuddled up in one grand read. Every word kept this reader glued to the story. "Colonists ran in and out of their huts clutching their dearest possessions. Some fought over a ragged shirt, shredding it until it was useless. Another held a knife to a friend's throat to steal his books. The outstretched arms of the sick were ignored. Like frightened animals, we hurried to the beach. Escape was everything." As I said, a magnificent read covered in powerful words. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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