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Classics Remixed Vol. 2 Anthology by Contributing Authors

Contributing Authors are as follows: Lee Mandel, Paul K. Metheney, Eric Andrews-Katz, Jay Seate, Jason J. McCuiston, Jonathan Shipley, Robert Allen Lupton, Kevin Henry, Chuck Thompson, Steve Rouse, Tom Howard, Aaron Hollingsworth, Gary Earl Ross, Ann Stawski, Michelle Mellon, Thomas Beck, Christopher Nadeau, Rowena McGowan, Phoenix, Jack Bates, Rory Robertson, Elizabeth Hosang

5 Stars

A wonderfully unique collection of stories

I was honored to be able to read this unique and eclectic collection of stories. Some of the authors, I have read before, and others were quite new to this reader. In a collection such as grand as this, it is not easy to pick out favorites, as I enjoyed reading them all. Each storyteller has a very interesting perception and writing style, and the classic story, they "remixed," is a totally new take. The stories took me on a grand reading adventure, and many of the stories, I went back and reread. All of these authors have quite a talent, and if these stories are just the beginning for these writers, they will definitely go far. Anyone who has written a short story, knows that it is not easy, just because it's shorter. In some ways that makes it more difficult. A very magnificent collection from a group of talented writers. I look forward to reading more by these authors. This anthology is definitely recommended by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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