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Deception: An Emily Graham Novel by McKensie Stewart

5 Stars

Better than the first

I absolutely loved the first book, Shattered. A reader doesn't need to read Shattered to read Deception, but I highly recommend it. A reader should be able to enjoy both, and get to know the characters. Stewart's writing has grown and I like her writing style. Her storytelling is unique to her, and I love the details of the present and backstories for many of the characters. The story has several plots that are all interconnected. Stewart writes her stories in third-person, and present tense, an interesting choice of storytelling. The plot is indeed character driven, and each character is very developed. The Readers learn more about the returning characters from Shattered. There are also new characters that add to the story. Kyndall is still my favorite character, filled with flaws, manipulations and deception. I also like the introduction of Eliza, and her connection with Sebastian. Magnificent story! Well-done, very well-done, McKensie Stewart. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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