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Dispatches From Chengdu by Abdiel LeRoy

5 Stars

Another great from LeRoy

If he writes it, I will read it, and yes, I've said that before. I have not only read the book, but I have also listened to this audiobook, so this review is for both formats. LeRoy split his Dueling the Dragon five stories, into individual stories. LeRoy writes well, for one, and I really enjoy and embrace his writing style, no matter the subject, no matter the platform. He has a way of showing a story, and this one, was quite remarkable. I reread this story, Dispatches From Chengdu to remind me of LeRoy's greatness in writing, and to become familiar again with the story. With inspiration, and the truth, the stories come to life, and really open the eyes of the readers, especially of the Chinese culture, from the point of view of a foreigner, and a teacher, no less. LeRoy writes, "Chinese is a fiendishly difficult language. Not only do otherwise identical syllables have completely different meanings according to which of the four "tones" are used in pronouncing them, but even identical syllables with identical tones can have different meanings too!" I look forward to LeRoy penning more, and more. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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