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Entanglement: Quantum + Otherwise by John K Danenbarger

4 Stars

Intriguing story!

Danenbarger pens an intriguing story in Entanglement: Quantum + Otherwise. I haven't read anything from this author before, and I really enjoyed this one. First, there were a lot of characters, but they were created with individuality and realistic. The author's writing style is interesting and definitely fit this story. Yes, it's a crime story, but it is so much more. This author brings the stories to life. I recommend reading each page deeply and keeping note of the characters, as there are a treasure trove of them, but they all belong in the story, and are very, "entangled" with each other. The story brings in the believable, even if almost impossible. A very well-written story, and I enjoyed it. This story was intriguing and kept the reader guessing. I have fast become a big fan of Danenbarger. I look forward to reading more by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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