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Findagroov™ Reviews The Songs Of ... by Tony Madison II

Full Title: Findagroov™ Reviews The Songs Of… George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic by Tony Madison II

4 Stars

Good read

Madison pens an interesting set of essays regarding different music, and collections from different musicians. It was fun to read and interesting, as I learned a lot about things that I didn't know in the music world, also it was a nice twist to get the author's thoughts on the music and musicians. So, this, in essence, is a review of a book of reviews, but on the music side. I liked the way it was put together, and I read each essay and information for the songs and musicians. This book covers George Clinton, Parliament, Funkadelic, and P-Funk All Stars. I liked this book, and it was a lot of information put into one book, but worth the read, especially if you are a fan of music, of all styles and genres. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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