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First Degree Rage by Paula May

5 Stars


An unimaginable chain of crimes, of intentional murder are happening around Key Weden. Detective Paula May, the author of this book, tells the stories that surround attacks against Weden's loved ones. At first, because of her new boyfriend, Viktor, it seems he is a likely suspect for trying to kill her son. Later, he is found dead, and so is Weden's mother. I don't remember this case, but reading it, just shows how cold and evil some people can be. May can certainly write, more than just police reports and cases, but the detail of the cold day, and every bit that probably plays over and over again in her head. The book makes you feel like you are right there, at the crime scenes, standing in the freezing cold snow. Even the crisp air can't disguise what they are about to view. I'm looking forward to reading what May writes next. Evil shows in the black of the eyes. First Degree Rage is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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