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Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You by Valeria Teles

4 Stars

Body and soul

Teles writes a very well put together book about healing powers of the mind and soul that can affect the body. The author shares experiences and in the beginning, she sets the tone for believing in oneself, and healing to make ourselves better. She writes "Unfortunately, most of us believe negative emotions are normal. Selfishness can give the illusion of success as we achieve materialistic accomplishments while being unkind to ourselves and everyone around us. In reality, behind selfishness lies insecurity, anger, and fear—especially of not having enough or feeling like we are not enough as individuals." This text in the beginning kept me reading to find out more. She writes this book in first person, as she is talking about her experiences and beliefs, directly to the reader. It's a definitely interesting read. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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