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Foes to Grace... by Abdiel LeRoy

Full Title: Foes to Grace: Satan in the Court of Heaven, His Servants in the Corridors of Earth by Abdiel LeRoy

5 Stars


I am a huge fan of this author, having read his work and listened to his audiobook narrations as well. LeRoy tells his stories very dramatically, and has inspired me to reread the classics again and again. This book shares his insights into faith, belief, and religion. It's a majestic flow of words and tells a wondrous story. Getting to this one, I was not surprised at how well the words flowed together, gaining insight, an insight of the author's feelings of religion, belief and faith. Here, LeRoy dramatizes the courtroom scenes played out in Heaven when Satan brings his accusations against children of God. That he does so with references to Shakespeare makes the analysis all the more entertaining. I look forward to reading and listening to many more stories by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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