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Forgive me Father: For I Have Sinned ... by TL Travis

5 Stars

Intense story

Travis pens a very intense and emotional story in Forgive me Father: For I Have Sinned. I read the story Greyson Fox, and was introduced to Jamie. (By the way, I loved that first story). Now, the reader can really get to know Jamie and his evolution through the darkness. Yes, there are a lot of emotional triggers in this story, but the story is very well put together, and the topic of the abuse is done very delicately and appropriately. It fits the story, and helps lend to the troubled life of these wonderful characters. I just fell in love with Jamie, and how he grows, though tormented and almost broken. Yes, almost broken. It's a great story, and I'm honored to have read it. I read this book with the intention of completing it in one sitting, and where it is a page turner, sometimes I just had to stop and take a breath. Whatever Travis writes, I will read.

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