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GrassBleed by Mehreen Ahmed

5 Stars

A wonderful collection of flash fiction

What a grand collection of micro/flash in GrassBleed by Mehreen Ahmed. I am a big fan of this author! Whatever this author writes, I want to read. This author brings her culture into each of the stories, and it is not easy to tell a complete story within a few short words. This author brings each of the stories to life. I read a lot of stories, and I love the different writing styles and storytelling abilities. This author has a powerful way with words, and indeed can show stories. I love it when a Legacy author sends me more of their work! This author has a great imagination. Each story had its own feel and emotions, and while I read each one, sometimes more than one, one of my favorites was "Thin Wall." It's toward the beginning of the book, and I kept going back to it. It resonated with me. "You sitting by here side, holding each other in the clear, dazzling light, propped up by stars of a night; ... Tonight, you're a different person, sensitive, caring and romantic, play chess, laughing at silly, odd jokes ... Dear Father, did you not see it coming?" This book deserves a second read! (and maybe more). Masterfully written! And another note, it ended with the perfect story. GrassBleed and its stories are a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more titles by this author.


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