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Jacob Paul Patchen - At Daddy's Hands: Courage Knows No Age

5 Stars

Powerful and emotional

What a emotionally charged story in At Daddy's Hands: Courage Knows No Age by Jacob Paul Patchen. I am a big fan of this author! Whatever this author writes, I read. This story is unlike any story I've read from Patchen. It shows that what you may see, is not the truth, and you never know what is going on behinds closed doors. It is definitely a riveting story, that brought in different aspects of child abuse, including sexual abuse. Abuse is abuse, and when it comes from someone who is supposed to love you and care for you, it can be all you know. Handler is a small-town hero and a cop by day, but when he's home, it's a nightmare for his entire family. His children, Nikki, Tyler and Ally are always the targets, and they have decided enough is enough, but can they truly set themselves free from their father's clutches. Yes, it's a dark story, and it's so true to life that it's terrifying. One of my favorites of Patchen's. It's a no-hold barred tale that opens the door of the Handler's home. "“Jim. Jim! Quit! Stop it!” I tried to push him off me, but he was dead weight. He sat up, pinning my waist under his, and forced my arms to the floor. “Stop moving.” He was looking at me but wasn’t there. He was somewhere else, buried deep in a drunken state of painful, adolescent emotions that were never mended." I recommend that everyone read it. It’s definitely un-put-downable! It is always an honor to read this author's books. The story is told in different perspectives, so when you read "Jim's" be prepared for the truth behind his feelings. At the end of the Handler's story, he shares real life stories, and they are heartbreaking, emotional, and show the bravery of the survivors. Wow! Simply masterful. At Daddy's Hands: Courage Knows No Age is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more books by this author.


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