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Jacob Paul Patchen - Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend

4 Stars

An original story

What a remarkable story in Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend by Jacob Paul Patchen. I am a definite fan of this author! A very passionate and strong read. I enjoyed this story, as it had many plot layers, and the characters were dynamic, and had a lot of depth. Many had backstories that showed how they ended up where they are now. In just reading the first chapter, there is a line that stood out, and it almost defined the story, and how important life was to these orphans. "And for me, for us, our duty was to protect the innocent and to bring our nation back together as one, united by the damage from the hate and the cruelty of adults. ‘There’s a bond in misery, a brotherhood that comes from suffering together,’ my father used to say." It's a powerful read, and it shows, not tells, of this dystopian life, and what is needed to survive this war. James is a character who was almost forced to lead and take care of others, but he had that spirit, that innate power within him, even with his own demons, to take care of the orphans who relied on him. It all started when the missiles were aimed toward the United States. James had courage he didn't know he had. It is always an honor to read this author's books. Definitely an unpredictable story, my favorite kind! I hope to read more books by this author. Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.



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