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Jason Offutt - The Girl in the Corn

4 Stars

Interesting story

What an interesting story in The Girl in the Corn by Jason Offutt. I have just become fan of this author! This author brings the story to life. The characters had a lot of depth, and were very intriguing, especially the fairy. I also liked that right from the beginning Thomas' mother believed him, no matter what. I read a lot of stories, and I love the different writing styles and storytelling abilities. This author had a unique writing style, and indeed can tell stories. This author has a great imagination. This was not your typical "fairy" tale. It runs through to different decades, starting in the 80's, and I like that the author mentioned things that were time specific. There are a variety of characters, some are magical, and some are dangerous, and it leads to more and more chaos, and an unpredictable ending. Actually, the entire story was unpredictable. The Girl in the Corn is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.

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22 feb 2022

The name and cover stand out as intreguing.

Me gusta
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