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July's Genre of the Month is Self-Help

For July's genre of the month being "self-help" it means that self-help, DIY books, inspirational and motivational books will be included. The bookshelf is on Amy's Library website.

The complete information about the books of the month is

Hashtags used are #JulySHelp #ABSRGenreMonth used on social media platforms.

For these books on the genre of the month bookshelf, there will be an option for the author, for a donation of ONLY $2, to have a book spotlight on my blog, The Official Blog of Amy Shannon. (The donation button is down near the Genre of the month shelf. If you make a donation, follow up with an email to confirm it, and information about your book, such as synopsis, excerpt, and any comments you wish to add about your book.) If your book isn't on one of the shelves, you can donate $5 to have your title added to this shelf. You can get your requests in early (just email me instead of going through the form, so email and write the month in the in the subject line). I will respond asking for information.

This post will run on three of my professional blogs, Olympus Blog (Genesis Literary Promotions), Amy's Bookshelf Reviews, and The Official Blog of Amy Shannon. (And Shared on social media).

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