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Lack of Candor by Gerald Darnell

5 Stars

An exciting Carson Story!

Yes, I love reading Darnell's work. I also love, and I mean love, Carson Reno, and was very excited to read this one. First, what I like about any of Darnell's Carson Reno's books is the way that writes it so anyone can pick up any volume of his multitude of books and read it. But, once you read it, you end up wanting more. Lack of Candor was no different. Reno is on a new and interesting case, and nothing is as it seems. I like how Carson tells his story and what happens, especially his thoughts about himself and the others around him. It makes for great storytelling. The story was thrilling, and though plot driven, the characters, were what makes for the remarkably and exciting story. I like that he introduces a cast of characters, so much that I've taken that idea from him with my own work. An edge-of-your-seat, savor-every-word, page-turner!


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