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Legend of Song de Light by Kaitlynzq

5 Stars

Magnificent heart song!

This is an interestingly woven poem with words and prose that comes directly from the poet's heart. It set as an audio play, with character sketches and individual acts. Her words spoken in the character's voice is so melodic and lyrical. The words come to life, as the details bring the reader in and enjoy the story. The dancers can be envisioned in the mind of this reader. "Before the curtain rises, dancers line up in center of the stage in a triangle pattern, Arabesque, brush, arabesque, brush, Pencil turn to fan out and form straight line Each dancer chooses their favorite jump, and executes on the fourth downbeat." Kaitlynzq definitely paints a beautiful scene and story with her prolific words. This is a grand collection, and in some ways, it almost reads as a diary or journal, bringing the reader in on a secret.

#5Stars #Kaitlynzq

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