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Life Cycles Coincidences by Neil Killion

4 Stars

Interesting Theory

Killion pens an interesting title in Life Cycles: Coincidences. This is the first book of this author's that I've read. The book gives information that is intriguing, even if the reader doesn't agree with the theory of this author. The structure of the book is unique as the authors uses emails and transcripts to put it together, in order to prove his theory. There are also some statistics and information that makes the reader want to read more. The author draws the reader in at Chapter 1, "Coincidences are as old as time itself. Aeons ago, long before mankind walked the earth, they were occurring. The natural world is full of such examples, just like thunder following a lightning flash or a rainbow at the end of a shower of rain." Can't really argue with that. The book is written in first person, as the narrator is the author. What I liked is that he also adds a chapter on the skeptics of his theory. There are also other references that either support his theory or go against it, but he seems to be transparent in both for and against, making a note to show that occultists have been debunked. I look forward to reading more by this author. All-in-all an interesting and intriguing read. This book is recommended by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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