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Lisa Marshall - Yin: Completing the Leadership Journey

5 Stars

A very spiritual and faithful journey

What an inspirational and incredible title in Yin: Completing the Leadership Journey by Lisa Marshall. After reading this book, and completing some of the worksheets, I felt empowered a bit. I am on my own journey, looking for a healthy soul, and this book came at the right moment. It's a journey of leadership, but I felt it was much more than that. The exploration of Yin, also included the journey of Yang, which is a story about external growth (and more). I recommend buying the book, it's something you should have in your hand, and then instead of filling out the sheets in the book (you can if you want) but you can also go to the website where you buy the book and download the worksheets. Yin is a symbol of earth, feminine, darkness, passivity and absorption. Yang is heaven, masculinity and light. However, in reading this book, I found that the author agrees that Yin is not one gender over another. She writes, "It is, however, what is missing in the world today. It is also the dark, moist and fertile interior world." I know that I will definitely keep this beautiful book, somewhere I can always reference it, and definitely look more into Yin and Yang, and how maybe it can help myself. Yin: Completing the Leadership Journey is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading more titles by this author, and keep reviewing her website as well, as there is a lot of information there as well.


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