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Lynn F. Austin- Never Judge a Book - My Fur-Ever Friends

Genre: Children/Animals

5 Stars

He's a survivor, and one you want to just sit in your lap!

What a magnificent story in Never Judge a Book - My Fur-Ever Friends by Lynn F. Austin. I am a fan of this author! This is the second book of "Newman's" that I've read, and I know it is for children, but anyone would love this story if they love, cuddly, uplifting, happy dogs. I see the Newman stories as a sort of memoir of Newman, and each one is inspired by his life. Newman learns something, and then his memoir writer, (his fur-ever mom) writes his story. Newman's mantra is "When things seem really bad, beautiful things still happen." This wonderful Wheaten Terrier learns a lesson and then we are being taught that lesson through his actions. Never judge a book by its cover, is not just the title, but a lesson learned. When he first met Benji, he was loud and he wasn't sure if he liked that, then he met Biscuit, and he was quiet. The next day, Benji and Biscuit were playing together, and Newman wanted to play, too. I love the story of Newman, and I can't wait until I can get my own fur-ever family member. I just have two fur-grandbabies, that I love so much. I read this book for my unbiased and honest review.

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