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M. G. Crisci- Only In New York 3

5 Stars

Interesting and more truths of the DNA of NY

Matthew Crisci's third book of Only in New York. And more great stories and interesting encounters, and I do recommend reading the first two that came before this one. Only in NY 3 tells 38 stories, which span over 55 years and the five boroughs of New York City. I personally, live in upstate NY, and have never been to the City, but I absolutely loved reading this author's stories. One thing I do recommend (besides reading this book is looking at the sketches. Crisci writes "New Yorkers are a curious lot. On one hand, we appear to be arrogant, confident, aloof, insular, and maybe even a little callous. On the other hand, we have a DNA like no other city in the world. We can be other-worldly, kind, sensitive, and willing to offer amazing kindnesses to those in need." Crisci grew up in the city, so he understands all sides of the city. I read each story and kept coming back to "Why Warren Lucker?" I loved each story, and I could almost hear Crisci’s voice tell the story. He was once on our podcast, and read for us, and now, when I read his work, I hear his voice telling the story. Simply magnificent. The stories will tug at your heart, make you smile, and even laugh out loud. This unusual trilogy is meant to be read and cherished. Crisci is the son of American. I know from the author that this book was written to tell his legacy of stories to his children and grandchildren, and each one will receive the hardcover version of this story. I must say that this book deserves to be on everyone's shelf, hardcover or paperback, and yes, if you must, kindle. Only In New York 3 is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading more titles by this author.


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