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Ma Rainey's Black Bottom by August Wilson

5 Stars

Magnificent Play

As co-host of the podcast "The After Show with McKensie Stewart & Amy Shannon," we read this book and watched the show for our segment, "Write to Reel." The play, and yes, the book I read was in play format, which is a grand way to read something so powerful, as it was written for theater, and told the story of Ma Rainey, a black singer in 20's, along with the stories of her fellow band mates. The story itself was powerful, and I loved how Ma was portrayed as a strong woman, and she knew how to benefit from those who took advantage of her. I also watched the movie on Netflix, and I recommend reading both the play and watch the movie. It's very charged with energy, and shows how hate ruled the world, but there were those who could rise above it to do what they wanted to do, and get what they wanted to get. The movie was produced by Denzel Washington, and Viola Davis, and the late Chad Boseman were magnificent. This has bee a review of our segment Write To Reel.



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