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Marked for Revenge: An Art Heist Thriller by Jennifer S. Alderson

5 Stars

An adventure in art

As a fan of Alderson's, I was anxious to start reading Marked for Revenge: An Art Heist Thriller. First, I like how Alderson shows a story. Yes, she shows it with all the details and fluidity of her writing that brings the reader right smack in the middle of the thriller. Filled with suspense, twists and just magnificent writing, the reader gets a view of this journey as it unfolds. The pace of the story is perfect, and the story brings the reader in at the right moment, and after reading the first few pages, this reader couldn't wait to read more. What happens next and how does this matter to the story? Questions that are soon answered as I continued on. Yes, I love Alderson's stories, and I love her Zelda, someone that is filled with zest and curiosity, and a lot of knowledge. Again, I was honored to read more of her stories, and as she writes, I will read. This one definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Sometimes it's just a few words that bring a reader in, and in this case, it was Luca saying, "I am listening." And that's all it took.


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