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Natasha Simmons- Whispers of Innocence

Genre: Thriller

4 Stars

A Grand Read

What a thrilling story in Whispers of Innocence by Natasha Simmons. This is the first book of Simmons that I've read, and I really enjoyed the story and the writing style. The writing style needs to fit the genre and the characters, and this one definitely does. It's an eerie, and suspenseful story that brings the reader right into the story. This one wasn't so easy to read, due to a child's death, but it definitely is worth the read. Just knowing the title, it makes you understand that there is something to do with a child, a very small child, and what happens when "the baby is quiet. Too quiet." This story was very unpredictable. The author's technique of raw, magnetic characters and great plotlines is a gift. It's a great story to follow and try to figure out what will happen next. This author's characters develop and interacts well with the other characters. And things are never as they seem. I just became a fan of this author. Madeline is a character that you can't quite get, and that's the way it should be, and how she acts and reacts is very intriguing. I hope to read more books by this author. Whispers of Innocence is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews recommends that anyone who reads this book, to also write a review.


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