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Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet Letter

4 Stars

Another Classic, or is it?

What a classic story in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I have read other Hawthorne stories, and this is not the first time I read this one. Anyone who ever went to high school English class, knows about the Scarlet Letter "A" and why Hester wore it. I remember reading this book in high school, so reading it for the second time (and decades later), gave me a different perspective of the story. I was now reading it as an adult, not as a teenager writing a book report (remember those?) I see why this is a classic title, and yes, to me it is, not because it was written in 1850, but because it shows the perspective and perception of morality, and this very, very small town, who doted on Dimmsdale, but chastised Hester (even wanted her hung) because of her infidelity. I'm glad that I read this book again. I read it mainly because it is on the banned book list (several, actually), and I wanted to see if what I remembered about the book was accurate. It was in a way, but it was also different. I guess we change as we get older, and what we see when we're younger, we don't always see as we grow older. If you've read this before, I recommend reading it again.


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