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Nutrition Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle by VL Thompson

5 Stars

Live smart and healthier

Nutrition Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle by VL Thompson is an interesting book to read and review. This book is about living a healthier lifestyle, not just with food, but with mind, body and soul, especially during the pandemic, worse when people were on lockdown. The book starts out with an author's note, and then a meditation, and I recommend reading every word. It describes on keeping a food journal and taking things slow. Looking at just a few foods at a time that a person eats, and then deciding their healthiness or if they can be removed slowly. (And definitely read the disclaimer, but this book is very helpful). It's a guide, not a diet, but it can help with lifestyle changes through food. If you have health problems, you should consult your doctor first before making any changes. There is a lot to learn about different foods and nutrients, and how it affects a person's body. I learned a lot by reading this book, and may just try some of the suggestions, like that smoothie. Sounds delicious. Nutrition Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading more titles by this author.


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