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Organic eMotions: Poetry for hUmaNITY by Lali A. Love

5 Stars

Absolutely Inspirational writing

This collection of poetry by Love is a remarkable work of words. The words almost float across the page in a lyrical movement. I enjoyed reading this collection and entering the mind of this prolific poet. Such a wonderful read. The beauty of the words doesn't have to be perfection or lyrical, but putting the thoughts and poems on paper, creating the image that the poet visions while writing. Each poem had its own emotion, inspiration, and motivation. Though, I read all of them twice, as I am a sucker for great poetry, my favorite was Harbor of Stillness which starts with "Enraged thunder, ferocious lightning, the storm of life wails, it’s frightening." This one really resonated with me and gave me pause and thought to start writing poetry again because of how powerful it was. Love definitely gave me inspiration. I look forward to reading more by this author. I am a big fan of Love's work, and if she writes it, I'll read it. Organic eMotions: Poetry for hUmaNITYis a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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