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Philip Wyeth- Hot Ash and the Oasis Defect

Genre: Cozy mystery/sci-fi

4 Stars

A Grand Read.

What a grand story in Hot Ash and the Oasis Defect by Philip Wyeth. This is the first book of Wyeth's that I've read, and I really enjoyed it. It seemed to fit a mixed match of different genres within the story, while making it all totally believable. The characters had a lot of depth, and were very realistic. This is the first book in the Ashley Westgard series (and there is another one coming soon). So, here the reader is introduced to Ashley "Ash." Ash is detective, who is headstrong, and can be compulsive as well, and even though it's 2045, not everything has changed so much. And, add in a killer to add to her chaos that is her life, and brings out something in her to focus on. This is a fun, entertaining story, and it brings a lot of laughs, and periods of seriousness. A truly grand read. I have just become a fan of Wyeth's. This author is a great storyteller. This story was very unpredictable. I will definitely add more of this author's books to my bookshelf. Hot Ash and the Oasis Defect is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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