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Reborn by Ella Clarke

5 Stars

Intriguing story

Clarke writes a really intriguing and interesting story in Reborn. The book may fit within the YA readership, but I enjoyed getting to know Kendi, and his family. It showed to me that family is what you make of it, even if it was just to blend in with the humans around them. I found humor and a sense of realism, and this book kept me reading and turning the pages, from beginning to end. The story was told from Kendi's point of view, and it gave a great sense into his mind set. The book had many action elements as well as intrigue and hope. And Kendi, for wishing he could blend in, definitely did not, and the journey was more than just survival, but being human for such angelic beings. I enjoyed the storytelling and writing style of this author. A captivating story. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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