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Richard R. Becker- 50 States

5 Stars

An entertaining collection

What a grand collection of stories in 50 States by Richard R. Becker. This book is the first title of this author's that I've read, but I did read all 50 of his short stories. I do like the premise, each story takes part in a different state, and the stories vary. The genres of the stories vary as well, and each one is a complete story, leaving the reader feeling satisfied. Short stories are not easy to write, and Becker does a great job of writing these stories and is very talented. A multi-genre writer, that can write short stories. I just became a fan of Becker. The stories also had different points of view, so one may be first person, and another third person. This book deserves a second read! (and maybe more). So many adventures, losses, triumphs, tragedies and even horrors. This book takes you on a wild journey. Of course, I had to jump ahead to read the story on New York (since I live in upstate NY), and then I went back and read all the stories until the very last one. This author brings the stories to life. Very impressive story telling. I hope to read more books by this author. 50 States is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I read this book to give my unbiased and honest review.


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