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Rita Carter -The Human Brain

5 Stars

An in depth look into the brain

The Human Brain by Rita Carter looks into the brain, literally. I read this book because I wanted to understand at least how the brain is supposed to work, and the different sections of brain, because mine is dysfunctional, and not working right due to trauma and emotional affects. This book gives a lot of information about brain and how it related to the body, and what parts of the brain affect other parts. I learned a lot about dreaming, and how the brain puts the dreams together, as some can be remembered, and some can't. It discusses a lot of information, gives examples and has magnificent graphics. I wanted a book that wasn't filled with medical jargon, I wanted a book that was clear, and even though there are so many things about the brain that is a mystery, I will keep this book with me forever, and when I'm gone, someone can study my brain. Not to sound morbid, and to me, it's not. I have a bit more information about myself, and learned a lot from this book. There is a part of me that needs to know the science, as the other part of me, tries to figure out how to go on, day to day. I learned a lot about this book, and I recommend it for anyone who has issues that start and maybe end with the brain, and want to know more about yourself.


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