Rob White - The Maestro Monologue

4 Stars

An Interesting Read

What an interesting self-help read in The Maestro Monologue by Rob White. haven't read work from this author before, and I enjoyed this title. This book gives a lot of information about self-help and making that negativity that you feel on the inside be able to escape, so you can do what you want to do. It's about not letting yourself doubt or conscious of taking risks and steps toward your goals. It's a good read, and it can be helpful. It's a good book to read when you're trying to fix yourself. It's not always easy to live the life you want, and you end up settling or falling into a pit of depression. It's not a book that I will forget. The read was different from other self-help books that I've read in the past. It caught the attention of the reader and led the reader through ways to help themselves, examine their life, and be your own advocate for the life you want to live. White writes "Manifest your inner visions of victory into external experiences of reality with an original four-part journey that reveals what’s real about you. Start discovering: The treacherous NOs that leave you feeling helpless and at the effect of the world. The Ultimate Understanding that helps you discover fantastic features of your identity. The Maestro Monologue that works wonders reinstating your immeasurable capacities. Three notably resourceful states that orchestrate your life into a beautiful symphony. The NO-Gauges that alert your mind to false self-beliefs of inadequacy." He also adds that it is also about self-wisdom and viewing the word "no" as something that you can overlook and even overcome. No is not always the wrong answer, but it may be the wrong answer for you to live out your life. I found the book not just fulfilling, but I looked at it in a way that I wasn't just reading it to write a review, I was reading it because it was interesting. A grand book to read. A grand book to recommend. I understand why it is called the Maestro Monologue, as it’s your conscious voice telling you one thing, when you’re thinking of something else. The Maestro Monologue - Rob White is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading more titles by this author.

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