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Rod Glenn - Slaughterville

5 Stars

Brilliant and Magnetic

What a thrilling, and chilling story in Slaughterville by Rod Glenn. This book is an adaptation created from Glenn's Sinema series (which I've read and loved). I can't help it. I love horror stories when they make sense, even if killing off a whole town makes sense. Anyway, I was very excited to read this story, and definitely was not disappointed. You know it's going to be something chilling when the book is dedicated to the demon inside! I am a definite fan of this author! Whatever this author writes, I read. The town of Haydon, Northumberland was never the same again... as "“Hannibal Whitman (Han)" was born, and he had a purpose. A mission. As a reader, and as Han, you get to know the people of Haydon, interesting lives, interesting people, with no clue about the newcomer to their quaint town. Han was thorough. He was a very uniquely raw and intense character and was very well planned for what was about to come next. This book deserves a second read! (and maybe more). The characterizations are engrossing and dynamic. Who knew such evil could exist? This read was an adaptation of the original books, and I have to say, that I enjoyed this one as much as the others. And it's not easy to say you love a book called "Slaughterville." This is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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