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Russell Moran - Leonardo Murphy

5 Stars

Absolutely loved this story!

Moran pens a magnetic story in Leonardo Murphy. Yes, I said magnetic because once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I sat down to read this story, thinking I'd take a few breaks and come back to it over the course of this weekend, but no, I sat down and read it. I love how Leonardo became Leonardo (instead of his birthname, William or Billy). And as it did with Leonardo (who named himself after his favorite Renaissance man, Leonardo DaVinci), the words of his grandfather stuck with me, "you’re a bright boy, one of the brightest in the world, if not the brightest. There’s not much I can tell you, because you’re amazing at figuring out things for yourself, but make me a promise, and never forget it—Whatever you do, don’t be an a$$hole.” And the story just took off from there. I'll read whatever Moran writes, and was honored to read this one, especially in time for its official release. Oh, and something about Leonardo? He's a 12-year-old Genius, and the story just gets better and better, thrilling and exciting. A real page-turner. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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