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Shot Down by Steven Sheiner

5 Stars

Thrilling, yet chilling, read!

Sheiner pens an intense story in Shot Down. This is the first book of Sheiner's that I've read, and I doubt it will be the last. The story pulls the reader in, and keeps the reader engaged, almost as a lure to keep the reader in suspense. First, I liked the premise of the story. It was unique and interesting, and Simon was a mild-mannered guy until his world turned upside down. I enjoyed every word, every raw moment in this magnificent page-turner. A definite edge-of-your-seat read. Sheiner's writing style was what grabbed my attention, especially the areas that were full of action. It is not always easy to write what we want to show, but Scheiner did it with this book. I definitely look forward to reading more by this author.


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