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Strange Blood: 71 Essays on Offbeat and Underrated Vampires Movies by Vanessa Morgan & Contributors

Contributors: Paul Kane, J. Luis Rivera, Christine Hadden, Sven Daems, Sven Soetemans, Peter Tombs, Christopher Robinson, Steve De Roover, Daphnis Olivier Beguin, Justin Coote, Chris Hewson, Barend de Voogd, Mike Hunchback, Declan Lynch, Rick Gualtieri, Magnus Paulsson, Anders Banke, Lee Gambin, Robin Goodfellow, Anne Bilson, D. M. Anderson, Alex J. Cavagaugh, Charles M. Kline, Stuart R. West, Wojciech Wolski, Robert Hood, Doug Lamoreux, Gert Verbeeck, Amanda Reyes, Michael Mc Carty, Mark Mclaughlin, B. L. Daniels, John Kitley, Marvin the Macabre, Aaron Christensen, Pete Braidis

4 Stars

Enjoyable and interesting Read

There are many different contributors to this collection of essays, and I enjoyed reading each one. I think the collection meshed greatly with each other, and each writer had his or her own writing style. Some essays were more creepy than others, and creepy in this context is definitely good. I can't pick just one as my favorite, as I liked each one. The opinions and reviews of the vampire movies was a great inspiration, and I learned about some titles of movies I've never heard of before. A great read, each and everyone one of the essays.


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