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Suburban Luchador Memoirs From Suburbia by Philip Rivera

5 Stars

Wonderfully Told

Rivera pens a grandly creative story in Suburban Luchador Memoirs From Suburbia. Now, I did read Suburban Luchador: Tales from the Burb Side, and enjoyed that one as but that's what the author calls his mini-preview, and I guess it is. I thoroughly enjoyed this full length story. It's a wonderfully fun and imaginative story that only comes from parenthood. From the beginning, when I read "“Papi, wait! We still need to do the Princess, Planes and Dragons Fight!” I looked in the living room, and lined up in battle formation was a Tropical Fun Barbie, a half-made paper airplane and a plastic, three-horned chameleon. Sleep would have to wait for this knight as the drums of war beat on the distant Saturday morning horizon," from his instruction, I knew it was a story I would not be able to put down, and I didn't, until I finished. I look forward to reading more creative works by this author.

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