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TC Marti- Liza Fury: Catch 22

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

4 Stars

A great sequel with action and survival!

What a grand title in Liza Fury: Catch 22 by TC Marti. Liza Fury is a very interesting character, and comes to life in the second book of the Terrian Chronicles. The story picks up where the first one, Tarja Titan left off. I went back and read the first one, and then read this one again. They can be read as standalone, but I believe if the series is good, all the books should be read, standalone or not. Now, Liza faces enemy factions, has to deal with her parents death, and needs find her sister. It's action packed, and Liza tells her story well. Filled with drama, it's a great read. It is a very well-written plot, and I enjoyed it. I am a definite fan of this author! The characters had a lot of depth, and were very realistic. Reading it, you feel like you are side by side with Liza. I hope to read more books by this author. Tantalizing and intriguing! Liza Fury: Catch 22 is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I read this book to give my unbiased and honest review. Amy's Bookshelf Reviews recommends that anyone who reads this book, to also write a review.


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