The adventures of Bella & Emily Devon-Revisited Week 1 by Michelle Holland

5 Stars

It just touched my heart!

This isn't the first book I've ready by Holland, and I am very familiar and fond of Emily, and of course, her beautiful horse, Bella. The adventures of Bella & Emily Devon-Revisited Week 1 was no different. Emily excited and focused on her visit, and her goal. As the characters are, very attached to the ones they rescue, I have grown attached to all of the characters, both human and non-human. Holland tells a great story behind Emily's voice, and it brings the story to life. I like her writing style, and, as a plug for the author, half the profits from this book goes to animal rescue charities. The story is heart-filling, and heart-breaking, in a way that touches your heart. Again, another magnificent, and all-too real story from Holland. "Yikes, me and Bella are first. 'Bella, I love you with every ounce of my heart. Come on we can do this. Let’s just enjoy ourselves”, I tell her with a pat down her neck." The author's love for what she writes shines through in the stories surrounding Bella and Emily.

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