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The adventures of Bella & Emily Devon-Revisited Week 2 by Michelle Holland

5 Stars

Wonderful Story

I have fallen in love with the Bella & Emily adventures. The stories are interesting, and quite fun to read. The stories may be geared toward younger readers, but I really enjoyed them. This one was no different. I feel like I know Emily. She's a young character, but I find her to be by far older than her years. She's amazing, and so is her love and loyalty for her pony, Bella. This story is well-written and the author's love for her characters and her cause (rescue of animals) is truly seen in every word. It's a heartfelt and unpredictable story, and it brings a smile to this reader's lips. I look forward to and hope there is a week 3 coming. This is the story you read from beginning to end in one sitting, just like I did.


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