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The Amber Crane by Malve von Hassell

5 Stars

Magnificently written!

von Hassell pens a magnetically charged story in The Amber Crane. I have read work from this author before, and I really enjoyed it. The characters were unique, realistic and very intense. This author brings the story to life. The characters did have a lot of depth, and the reader learns the "rules of the amber guild." And the effects of amber on Peter. The perils of war and destruction affect Peter, and he sees things in a different perspective. Secrets, war, destruction, and perception bring this story together. This author has a great imagination and I'm glad it's being shared with stories. This book deserves a second read! (and maybe more). It is a very well-written story, and I enjoyed it. This read is so engrossing, it brings you right in the middle of the story. This read is more than just words on a page. Definitely an unpredictable story, my favorite kind! A very powerful read! The Amber Crane is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.

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