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The Boy with a Thorn in his side Part I by Chantelle Atkins

5 Stars

Absolutely wonderful

Atkins pens a magnificent story in The Boy with a Thorn in his side Part I. Actually, I first read this book when it was one book, and not divided into parts, and I loved that one, giving it also 5 stars. Still gets me, every time I read the words, wondering what will happen next. "Do you want to know what is going through mine right now while I think about what knife to choose?" In my previous review, I wrote that I'd read this story again, and I got to, so glad for that. Atkins has a remarkable writing style and the characters are filled with life as well as rage. I was drawn into the story, again, and will continue to read part II and part III as there is more to the story than before, and soon there will be parts 4-6. I look forward to reading more by this author, and will continue on.


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