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The Christian Reveries Collection: Tales of Divine Awakening by Abdiel Leroy

5 Stars

Magnificent Duo!

I have read all of LeRoy's writings, and am a big fan of his work and prolific writing style. I am adding this review, since I have read both books separately.

The Christmas Tree

In reading The Christmas Tree, I find it interesting how he was inspired to write this story, and I am very honored to read such lyrically charming words. He writes, so magnificently, "Now you might think that trees have no eyes, and that trees have no hearts, and that trees have no faces. But look closely at the next tree you see..." Powerful words about the life and death of a tree, a Christmas tree, along with the reverence of embracing its life. If he writes it, I will read it. I look forward to more by LeRoy.

Obama's Dream

LeRoy has a great talent for writing an epic poem. The way the words are penned together to come up with a completely grand poem is just pure talent. LeRoy has a unique way of looking at the world, and as I have read his other epic poems, this is not different and definitely not disappointing. He has a remarkable writing style, and it brings the reader in, as he paints with words. "Close by Obama’s ear, there sits the fiend, Whispering foul thoughts of evil influence. To overhear and learn what might be gleaned Of wicked schemes one angel’s preference." I look forward to reading more by this poetic author.

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