The Covid Prophecies by Abdiel LeRoy

5 Stars

Not a surprise that this one is incredible!

LeRoy pens a poetic message in The Covid Prophecies. I am a big fan of LeRoy, and mainly because his words are painted across the page, and he tells it how it is, and what he thinks. LeRoy has such an incredible background, that his thoughts, ideas, and prophetic messenger are reflected as magnetic. His message is political without being political, his message is clear and a must read. Anyone with any beliefs about conspiracy theories or the government, or just wanting this pandemic to end so the world can move forward, should read this. I'm glad I did, and I read it twice. LeRoy shares with his prolific, and poetic words that move the reader. I have yet to find another author who writes in this classic and epic way, to share thoughts, ideas, and life's current status. The virus speaks, "Dear Humanity, I wish it had not come to this but, as you have so long silenced and persecuted the prophetic voices in your midst, I am come forth to ensure your hard-hearted leaders and pharaohs understand my message. Let me begin by assuring you I am not the enemy. I laugh at your pundits and politicians, in their little brief authority, who talk of defeating me, "combating the virus", likening the situation to war." I look forward to reading many more stories by this author. The Covid Prophecies is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

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