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The Cundy by R. H. Dixon

5 Stars

Amazingly terrifying

This isn't the first book of Dixon's that I've read, and it definitely won't be the last. This is a book that will scare the living ... right out of you. I loved every minute of this page turner. I wasn't quite sure what "Cundy" meant, but it did sound absolutely terrifying, and the author explains it in the beginning of the book. Dixon also writes that "The Cundy is based on a real water conduit in Castle Eden Dene." And then the story begins. I love the way Dixon tells a story, and brings the reader right in, emotions running high, heart pounding excitement, and serious character development. I couldn't stop reading this book, even though in some parts, you just want to look away, but you can't. Magnificently heart-pounding story.


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