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The Daemon's Wish by Chris Wright

4 Stars

A mashup of sci-fi and suspense!

Wright pens a unique Sci-fi story in The Daemon's Wish. I have read work from this author before, and I really enjoyed it. It's 2410, and there is something peaceful within the colonies, but in that year, there are still police and serial killers. I liked this story, as it brings a crash to utopia, and shows that even in the future, we still have our share of sociopaths and psychopaths. It was a grand story, and not knowing much about the future, and only having to rely on reruns of Star Trek TNG, I found that the characters seemed to fit within their environments on their planets and even the moons. This author has a great imagination and I'm glad it's being shared with stories. The story brings in the believable, even if almost impossible. It's literally out of this world! It's both futuristic and suspenseful. The Daemon's Wish is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author.

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