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The Gourmet Gospel: A Spiritual Path to Guilt-Free Eating by Abdiel Leroy



Yes, I am a HUGE fan of Abdiel and Leroy. I've read AND listened to his books, yes, I've read his work, and then also listened to the audiobooks as well. I wasn't sure what to expect when I read the title, but I was sure that it would be worth the read, no matter the topic. I know how well Leroy writes, and how he tells his stories, very dramatically, and it fits. I've found myself rereading the classics, such as Paradise Lost and Dante's Inferno, as I was inspired to read them again, and again. I have also read Leroy's work just as much. Getting to this one, I was not surprised at how well the words flowed together, gaining insight, an insight of the author's feelings of religion, belief and faith. It's a majestic flow of words that expresses ideations and humanity, telling a wondrous story. As always, if Leroy writes it or speaks it, I will be there to read and listen.


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