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The Gravedigger by Rath Dalton

5 Stars

Grandly told story!

Dalton pens a wonderfully heartfelt and heart aching story, as well as a little bit terrifying, in The Gravedigger. The story takes the reader back to 1941, in the midst of WWII, but this story is about a family struggling, to survive. Not survive the war, but survive poverty. I really enjoyed Dalton's story and writing style. A story is told here, and it's something that this reader won't forget. Armie is 12 and essentially the man of the house. I liked reading this story, and was honored to be given the privilege or reading it. "He was dead now. Every part of him moved stiffly, as one, as they hauled him up, accentuating the lifelessness of what was once a man. I was beginning to accept this when his eyes locked with mine." I look forward to reading more by this author.


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