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The Millennial Playbook: 9 Secrets to Living a Rich Life by Raphael E. Collazo

4 Stars

Intelligent and interesting

Collazo brings experience and professionalism to this book, The Millennial Playbook: 9 Secrets to Living a Rich Life. I recommend reading the preface, which gives a little insight into why and how the book was created. It's very well-written and put together. This is a book that is based on experience and advice, and just trial and error. This book is intended for millenials, but I found it informative, even though I don't fall into that category. The idea is to be accountable and responsible for the decisions you make. I like how the author has action items, and also information about learning more from the author. This is the second book in this series, and though I didn't read the first one, I would recommend reading it, as I may just do that as well. His experience and argument was intelligent, and worth a second read, and maybe implementation to those who could really use the advice. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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