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The Phantom of the Catacombs by JB Michaels

5 Stars

Another Great Bud Hutchins story

First, I am a definite fan of Michaels' work, and I love the Bud Hutchins series. This one, The Phantom of the Catacombs, is the fifth book in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, as I had with the other ones, and yet had no expectations when reading it. This books is filled with everything that a Bud Hutchins' book reveals. I love the whole thrilling supernatural edge and investigative measures of Hutchins. This story brings the reader to Vatican City, and it is a well '"shown" story. A definite read if you're a fan of Michaels's work, and even if his work is new to you. I recommend reading the other books, just so you can fall in love with Hutchins from the beginning. It's an adventure, it's thrilling, and there is that wit and humor that balances perfectly with this drama-filled book. I look forward to reading more by this author, and this title is highly recommended by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.


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